Friday, May 4, 2012

Going Greener Can Help Save the Planet While Saving You Money ….

Going greener… does that mean more 'green' for me to spend or that perhaps I am doing something worthwhile that will help save the planet? I think you will find that the suggestions in this article will help put more 'green' back into your wallet, and in a small way will help our planet at the same time.

Make a double batch
You’ve decided to cook something that your family really loves, why not double the recipe? You can freeze portions for later use. Not only do you save time, you cut costs, too. Every time you shop, cook and clean up, you incur expenses that add up, i.e. transportation costs, utility usage and the potential for food waste.

Buy the whole thing
You’ll save when you choose and use produce in its whole form. Produce that’s not pre-cut or washed is sold at a lower price point. This usually means less packaging as well.

When you buy fruits and vegetables at the peak of their season, you get them at the height of ripeness for the best price. Take this opportunity to try preserving them. You can find a great deal of information on the USDA website for Home Preservation
Be sure to call your local Extension office to see if they are offering any classes.

Cut back
Buy smaller amounts of higher priced proteins like steaks and fish and fill out plates with complimentary vegetable, bean and grain sides. The New My Plate advocates that half your plate should be filled with fruits and vegetables. Less high priced protein saves money and enhances your health.

Get shopping and cooking done on weekends, when you have time to plan. A few hours on the weekend can save time cooking and preparing food during the week.

Keep beans on hand
Beans are a great value. When paired with a grain they are a complete protein, and an affordable, satisfying meat substitute. Go to this website for some very yummy recipes.

In the end, the best route to limiting food expenses and saving the planet is simply by getting into the kitchen. The more foods you can prepare for yourself, the greater your savings. You’ll eat better too!

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