Friday, July 1, 2011

Increase Your Health and Fitness Mileage: “Fuel Up to Play 60”

There it was at the conference registration table: another free branded giveaway.

Was it some sort of cup for a smoothie or milkshake? Hmmm. It unscrewed into two sections, one to hold a portion of dry cereal, the other for chilled milk or liquid of choice, complete with a fold-up spoon tucked into the plastic lid. Nifty, right?

But what was the message? Ah, wait, there’s a website! Now we’re getting somewhere. And so I searched:

“Fuel Up to Play 60 is your chance to make a commitment to healthy eating and 60 minutes of physical activity every day.”

With support from the National Football League players, the National Dairy Council and federal health-related agencies, this interactive program encourages and empowers youth to increase their level of play activity and positive eating habits by developing a “game plan” for action with the involvement of both school and community.

There are online tools for building a timeline, setting goals and planning a kickoff event. Participants have the opportunity to set health and fitness challenges and track their progress.

Importantly, "Fuel Up for 60" encourages youth to pursue group play and adopt new lifestyle practices. The ultimate goal is to create long term changes in schools and communities by

“...increasing student access to and selection of nutrient-rich foods and to increase opportunities for—and student participation in—physical activity—at least 60 minutes a day.”

In keeping with the top ten tips from the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, “Fuel Up to Play 60” includes ideas for sampling and selecting nutrient-dense foods.

There is ample opportunity for community involvement, such as school nutrition staff and administration reaching out to local grocers and farmers as suppliers of fresh, seasonal produce.

So, this summer, take a look at “Fuel Up to Play 60,” and increase your health and fitness mileage. “Eat Healthy. Get Active. Make a Difference.”

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Jenni K said...

Fuel up to play 60 sounds like a motivational resource. Thanks for sharing!