Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow Days = Family Time

What a week this has been! We started with a snow storm that brought us about two feet of snow. The snow plows worked hard to clear the roads enough for us to get to Superbowl parties. Schools barely opened before the next snow storm dropped another pile of snow on our just cleared walks and driveways. Those of you who live with street parking may still not have shoveled out your cars. While the snow may have brought inconveniences, it also forced most of us to stay home and enjoy a “snow day” or two. Did you bake cookies or a make a hearty soup? Did you enjoy a lazy morning with your children and spouse? Did you go outside and play in the snow? I hope that you made time to enjoy some of these special activities with your family. Snow days create memories that stay with children for years to come. We may not get snows as deep as those this week again for years, but children and meteorologists will talk about these two storms for decades. And wasn’t Thursday morning absolutely gorgeous? I hope that you took some pictures of this big snow to remind you of this “time out’ from the busy lives that most of us live. Positive family time has been linked to positive character development in our children. As the week closes and the snow melts, your family probably now has cabin fever and is ready to head off to the mall and sports activities. Some of you may have children home for a whole week and will be glad to get them back to classes. The winter Olympic games began tonight. For many of us, this is another opportunity to share family time, cheering on our American athletes. What a week - from Superbowl to Olympics with somewhere near 4 feet of snow thrown in between! I hope that you made time to share this week with those you love, even if meant shoveling the driveway together. Like my husband and I did many times on Wednesday.

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