Thursday, December 3, 2009

Get Out of the Kitchen and Socialize During the Holidays!

I enjoyed (more like survived) another holiday! For all those designated cooks you may know exactly what I mean. Were you missing an ingredient when you were ready to start cooking? Did you forget to serve something you had planned? Or there is that often asked question. "How do I time my dishes to have everything ready to serve at once?" Hopefully my four steps will reduce your stress and gain you time to socialize. # 1 Don't procrastinate!!!

# 2 Plan Think about all the family functions and parties you will be attending over the holiday, write it down either on a calendar, datebook, or a post a visible note. Include start time, location, departure time and directions if needed. If you are hosting, plan your menus! Make sure to include items that can be made ahead and limit items that need to be made last minute.

# 3 Make a List I know some people can go through life without the need of a list, but for others it is the only saving grace from total disaster. Make a grocery shopping list made from menu items and recipes you plan to use. Consider making a list for each function include: all the food items, serving utensils, and any miscellaneous items you plan to take.

# 4 Prepare Ahead Once menus are planned review and add preparation/cooking times. Make items that can be prepared ahead. Many casseroles can be prepared a week or more ahead then frozen. Several days before the function make a time line of preparation/baking times for all menu items. This will help reduce stress and make sure nothing is forgotten and everything is done when dinner is scheduled to be served.

Having family members help with holiday preparations is also an effective way to save time in the kitchen. If you have found some sure fire ways to save time in the kitchen please comment and share your secrets. So we all can enjoy the holidays with less stress and more free time to visit with friends and family. ENJOY!!

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Heidi Ricahrds said...


Great advice! Appreciate the tips. I have found that saying "NO" to things that only delay getting my goals accomplished has also helped tremendously in lowering my stress levels.

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Heidi Richards Mooney, Publisher