Monday, December 1, 2008

Shopping Online

Going online can be a convenient and economical way to do your holiday shopping. The stores are open 24/7 every day of the year and you don’t have to fight the crowds and traffic at the malls. It can also be a safe one if you follow a few simple guidelines. · Know who you’re dealing with. Be sure to get the seller’s physical address and phone number in case there are questions or problems with the merchandise. Does the web address of the seller look right or does it contain some extra information that may be an indication of someone spoofing by masquerading as a legitimate seller. DO NOT ORDER from online stores that do not offer secured transactions.
· Know what it is that you are buying. Read the product description closely including all the fine print. Is it a new or a used or refurbished item? Brand names at extraordinary bargain prices may be counterfeit.
· Know what it will cost. Are there shipping and handling charges? What about sales tax? What is the total cost after any additional charges such as these are factored in. Does this still fit into your budget?
· Pay by credit or charge card. If you pay by credit or charge card online, your transaction will be protected by the Fair Credit Billing Act. Under this law, you have the right to dispute charges under certain circumstances and temporarily withhold payment while the creditor is investigating them. In the event of unauthorized use of your credit or charge card, you generally would be held liable only for the first $50 in charges. Some companies offer an online shopping guarantee that ensures you will not be held responsible for any unauthorized charges made online, and some cards may provide additional warranty, return, and/or purchase protection benefits.
· Check out the terms of the deal. What is the delivery date and method? Is there a refund policy if you are not satisfied with the merchandise? Are there restocking fees for returns? A Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rule requires sellers to ship items as promised or within 30 days after the order date if no specific date is promised.
· Print and save records of your online transactions. Include the product description and price, the online receipt, and copies of every email you send to or receive from the seller. Review your credit card statements as you receive them for any unauthorized charges. For additional information, check out the following resources: Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office:

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Yadira said...

The best thing about online shopping is that we can do our shopping in our time without being worried about store timings.