Friday, July 18, 2008

Math on the Road!

No need to turn that DVD on for your child to learn math on your next road trip! There are plenty of math experiences to enjoy together when you simply look out the window. Count cars and trucks by color or type. Count stop signs, green lights, trees, whatever you choose. Sing songs and play games such as “I Spy.” Give your child a clip board with paper and a crayon so they can draw their own “map” as you drive. Look at a map together before and after your trip. Time how long it takes and how far you have gone. Count the gallons at the gas pump. Older children can even use a calculator to figure out the mileage you are getting. With today's gas prices children will also learn a bit more about where all of our money goes! Talk about your longest and shortest trips and which way has the most cars, trees or buildings. Before you know it, you will be at your destination! Your child will have gained skills and spent time in conversation that would not have been gained by simply pushing PLAY on that DVD player.

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